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AppleService №1

Постгарантийный сервисный центр
  • 8 Марта, 51 — 2 этаж; галерея SUMMIT
  • Геологическая 400 м
  • Декабристов (ул. 8 Марта) 210 м

Right so basically I arrived to Ekaterinburg City for a business meeting, and dues to a bad karma or something like that I broke the screen on my lovely iPhone 6s! I know right? Luckily enough I found this absolutely amazing Apple Service that didn't just repair my screen in a very short time, but also gave me another screen for a day so I didn't have to walk around this beautiful city without my device on me. The next day I got my own screen back in an absolutely perfect condition, and I must say that I've never seen a service like that even back home in the UK! The staff are really good at what they're doing, the guy that took my order speaks very good English which made me feel like I'm back home, the company itself provided me with a cup of pretty damn good coffee and I went home with a feeling of being taken care of. In summary: for a good price I repaired my screen, got given a second screen so I'm not left alone without my lovely phone while my screen was being repaired, got a cup of coffee and a very friendly and caring atmosphere that made me feel like I'm at home!
I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs help with their Apple Device, and all I can say now is Balshoe Spasibo!

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